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Spice of the Season

Fresh, light, zesty and full of flavor — but without any salt! That’s the essence of our popular take on the French herb seasoning, herbs du Provence.

Specially made for a dear friend who needed to cut out salt, this has quickly become a fan favorite.

This aromatic mix of herbs and spices has a delightful blend of flavors perfect for vegetables, eggs, chicken, fish, and heart healthy meals. A dash of our saltless Herbs du Beaumont will bring JOY to your meal, and allow you to control your sodium intake.

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Pride and JOY Since 1921

There’s a lot going on in that little yellow jar...

Our TexJoy Steak Seasonings and Fine Spices are made with love, pride, and JOY with a commitment to quality that go back for five generations.

From the hottest, hardest-working corner of Texas, the Texas Coffee Company manufacturers TexJoy and Seaport brand products with time-honored traditions. We’re proud to be a family-owned company and doing what we love for friends, families, and neighbors for nearly 100 years.

Whether it’s our signature all-purpose steak seasoning or our salt-free options or our Cajun seasoning or our special barbecue spice rub, many of our fan-favorite products are gluten-free, fat-free, low sodium, no sodium, kosher, and even our coffee is 100% pure Arabica for pure, premium flavor.

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Our Fans Say the Sweetest, Most Savory Things...

If we don't have TexJoy steak seasoning, it doesn't get cooked! :-)

Dorothy C.

Love the TexJoy Steak Seasoning, but my favorite is the ROOT BEER!

Patricia D.

I use it on everything...my family calls it Red Gold.

Tammy H.

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