Coffee & Spice Sampler (4 Pack)

Price: $15.39

    Coffee Gift Baskets are made better by Seaport Coffee and TexJoy fine seasonings and spices! If you are new to TexJoy or Seaport, this is the ideal way to try us out and see what flavor is all about. See below for details.

    Our Coffee and Spice Sampler 4-Packs make great gift sets for anyone. Holidays, business gifts...


    Our 4-Pack consists of

    • One 13 oz. package of Seaport Founder’s Choice Coffee,
    • 5.25 oz. Famous TexJoy All-Purpose Steak Seasoning,
    • 5.25 oz. TexJoy Rooster Booster Chicken Seasoning
    • 4 oz. TexJoy Butt & Rib Tickler Pork Rub

    Great for gifts, holiday packages & grilling gift sets. Sample and enjoy!

    Items subject to change upon availability

    Customers have been sending our sampler packs and coffee giftsets to family and friends across the United States, and even to folks overseas. If you want to give a gift that is unlike any other, TexJoy and Seaport have your answer.

    Giving some corporate gifts?  Client Holiday gifts?  For large bulk orders, contact us via phone or email. See our Contact page.