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Steak Seasoning - 7 lb

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    In bulk for serious barbeque cooks and chefs, TexJoy's Steak Seasoning is an all purpose blend of special spices that brings out the natural flavors of the beef, poultry or fish and seafood. 

    Use as a spice rub for steaks, ribs, chops and - most certainly - brisket!  Use as a marinade, or with your marinade or as a replacement for marinade. Rub in liberally on your choice cut of steak or ribs along with barbeque sauce or oil. (Some chefs recommend salt and pepper on one side, TexJoy on the other to create a beautiful crust; but many suggest to use in place of salt and pepper as you rub in TexJoy on both sides.

    Ingredients: Salt, Garlic, Black Pepper, other Spices, Monosoduim Glutamate (Less than 3.5%) and calcium stearate.

    We created our TEXJOY STEAK SEASONING for steaks and hamburgers, but taste how it adds joy to chicken, seafood, salads, vegetables, pork, pasta, french fries, and even popcorn.

    Customer Reviews

    the best steak seasoning in the world.

    if you haven't tried texjoy steak seasonings you are in for a real treat. this is the best you can get.