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Gumbo File - 2 oz

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    Mix this flavorful powder into gumbo, crawfish etouffee and shrimp dinners for a savory taste of the bayou.

    Customer Reviews

    TexJoy Gumbo File'

    My Momma's been using this TexJoy Gumbo File' (FEE-LAY With a hyphen over the E) every since it 1st came out . I later was born in 1956 . I started cookin meals at 10 years old in "65 .Now here it is 2018 and I have used several brands of FILE' over the years and TexJoy has beat most of them out 10 -1 . Bear in mind there are other brands I do really like but TexJoy Is in the top 2 . It has the necessary flavor and just the right amount of zing to add to GUMBO , soups , pork chops and many other things . P.S. - Don't forget the Hyphen over the "E" in File' or its just a FILE to put papers in .