Spindletop Roast - 1 lb

Price: $17.01

    Only the best will do in Texas. That's why we use 100% Arabica beans for our Spindletop Texas Roast Coffee. This 1 pound bag is a strong, bold, big taste that underlines our commitment to purity.

    This roast is a luxurious coffee, from its inviting aroma to its velvety finish. Named for the historic, legendary 1901 oil gusher in Beaumont, Texas, Spindletop Roast is a cherished product of time and tradition. Discovered on a little hill in Beaumont, Texas with the charming name of "Spindletop," this gusher kicked off an oil boom in Texas and the industry all together. In 2001, in honor of the 100 year celebration, The Texas Coffee Company unveiled a new blend as rich in flavor as the Texas historic tradition. Many customers have enjoyed this as a gift for Christmas. If you want others to enjoy the flavor of Texas in a mug, this is our recommendation!

    • Bold, Robust Texas Coffee
    • Deep, rich taste with strong, creamy sip and smooth finish. The aroma of our Spindletop roast immediately differentiates it from other brand name whole bean coffees, and the taste of pure Arabica - deep and dark - sets Spindeltop above and beyond. If you enjoy our popular Dark Roast and Founder's Choice blends, then you're sure to love this whole bean coffee. The robust, rich aroma fills your senses with a freshness unparalleled to other whole bean coffees, and offers a delightful weight that separates this scent from the Founder's Choice blend. Ground up and serve for an ideal black coffee, as this is one of our more popular roasts among coffee-drinkers who prefer straight, black coffee. Many customers also enjoy two tablespoons of sugar & a bit of cream in this for a delicious afternoon coffee. Enjoy!
    • Finest Quality Blend of 100% Arabica Beans
    • If you want an introduction to Texas coffee, this one's for you
    1 tablespoon of ground Texas Coffee - Spindletop Roast makes approximately 1 cup. Store in airtight opaque container in a cool dry place to help preserve the Finest flavor & aroma.