50% Less Salt Steak Seasoning - 4.75 oz

Price: $4.29

    It’s a new health conscious twist on an old fan-favorite classic.

    Gluten-Free, Calorie-free, Fat-free, Cholesterol-Free and Sugar-Free.

    Cook with it just like our original seasonings for half the salt, twice the taste! Sprinkle TexJoy 50% Less Salt on steaks, burgers, chicken & more.


    Fans who have loved our classic steak seasoning by TexJoy for years have commented to us that this is a super alternative to cutting back salt in their diets, as they do not have to cut back on the flavors they love.

    TexJoy 50% Less Salt Steak Seasoning is made for steaks, but is just as popular on burgers. Try on shrimp, salads, vegetables, fish, chicken and pork. This 4 and 3/4 ounce jar is a great size for a pantry, a kitchen table top or backyard patio and outdoor grill. The versatility of this spice makes it a weapon for chefs and novice cooks alike. The fact that it has half the salt puts more control in your hands and more flavor in each bite.
    TexJoy recipes and others that call for more salt than you wish to have can still be achieved without losing any kick. Take our half salt steak seasoning spice rub and pat down your steaks liberally at least on one side before putting to the heat.

    Or, one of the best things about TexJoy, use in place of a marinade! Just shake on while it's cooking or shake on your plate in place of salt and pepper. Add a great touch to your burgers, shrimp, tilapia, ribs, brisket, sausage or boudain, gumbo, soup, stew, vegetables, salmon, catfish, crab legs or french fries -- without all the salt!
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    Pearland TX

    Perfect..This I What Needed

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    Like the title says perfect. I actually bought some of this approx. 10 years ago and I have never looked back. I have always been a fan of the tex joy steak seasoning but to get the flavor I liked it would be too salty. This 50% less salt variety is awesome. If you had a 75% less salt variety I would definitely try it. Love your products.