Steak Shake - 12 oz

Price: $8.04
    • Texas Steak Shake is great for grilling all foods. It's made for steaks, but just as popular for making delicious pork chops and hamburgers.  Use like salt and pepper in place of a marinade or as your marinade to season meats prior to grilling.  
    • Rub in on ribs and brisket liberally for a deep, smokey taste in each bite.
    This is the steak seasoning designed for those extra thick cuts of steak. Introduce your New York Strip to Texas the proper way. Turn your porterhouse into a Texas steakhouse specialty - with the thicker, full granules of Texas Steak Shake spice rub.
    This Steak Shake 12 ounce size is a super fit for kitchens, restaurants, and outdoor grills for routine cooking or grilling for a crowd. It's made for steaks and chops, but its thick morsels bring out exquisite flavor in meatballs, sausage, meaty pizzas, chicken wings, and lamb burgers. It goes great on meat, fish, pork and poultry and even sides. Cook with or sprinkle on meals for a Lone Star, bold flavor. Gives grilled meats the look and taste of the finest steakhouses in Texas.

    Kosher Salt, Coarse Ground Black Pepper, Granulated Garlic, Minced Onion, Mesquite Flavor (Maltodextrin, Natural Mesquite Smoke Flavor, Silicon Dioxide as an anti-caking agent), spices, microcrystalline cellulose (natural anti-caking agent)

    For broiled pork chops, rub in with olive oil and heat for about 23 minutes (depending on the cut, lbs), flipping over halfway. No need to bring out other ingredients - this is all you need to make a rich, Texas taste with a little heat.