Founder's Choice - 13oz

Price: $10.70
    Delicious Mild Roast coffee from Seaport. This 13 oz coffee is a fresh, aromatic roast with a full, rich flavor yet smooth, balanced taste. If you're new to Seaport Coffee, try this one first - you're sure to enjoy!  
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    Founder's Choice is our famous Mild Roast Seaport coffee. This 13 ounce package is our smooth, premium roast coffee that gives a warm, crisp, delicate taste yet full-bodied flavor without the heaviness of a dark roast. While our dark roast coffee may be our best-seller, the Founder's Choice Mild Roast is quickly giving it a run for its money. This is available in K-cups as well as the 13 oz package. Made for all coffeemakers


    Excellent, distinguished taste of purity within each cup. "A Select Premium Mild Roast Coffee" for all coffeemakers. One of our most popular, recommended roasts.

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    This mild roast provides a smooth, yet robust flavor that has quickly gained popularity among all types of coffee-drinkers. This coffee is made for a deliciously light taste that is perfect for any mild roast coffee drinker, but strong enough for even those bold, dark blend coffee fans.

    Customers enjoy this coffee from start to finish - beginning with the alluring aroma down to the last freshly ground Arabica coffee bean!