Cinnamon (Ground) - 2.25 oz

Price: $3.53
    • 100% Pure Ground Cinnamon. 

    Perfect for making french toast, sweet potatoes, snickerdoodles, cinnamon rolls, and other baked goods. Sprinkle on desserts, oatmeal, beverages, apples, and ice cream. It also tastes great with chicken, pork, and other meats!

    Ingredients: onion, parsley, garlic, marjoram, thyme, dehydrated carrot, celery seed, peppers, basil, paprika, additional herbs & spices, & lemon powder (citric acid)

    This is an ALL herb, spice and vegetable blend made WITHOUT salt or salt-substitute. This was developed for a dear friend of the Texas Coffee Company, Winnie. Winnie’s doctor drastically limited the sodium intake in her diet, which you can imagine takes quite a bit of flavor out of most meals. But with this TexJoy seasoning blend, she is able to add flavor to all of her meals without the use of salt.