Chili Powder - 3 oz

Price: $3.56
    One of TexJoy's generations-old favorites, TexJoy Chili Powder packs freshness in each bite

    Fresh, aromatic and versatile, our chili powder has a full flavor unlike any other 

    This is 3 ounces of deliciousness and freshness. Cook with chili, sausage, nachos, fajitas, tacos, soups, and even cool dips.
    TexJoy Chili Powder ensures great taste and great quality for your favorite chili recipe. This is a 3 ounce jar of our fresh, aromatic Chili Powder. It's just the right flavor for a good Southern chili. But it doesn't end there. Try our TexJoy Chili Powder in fajitas, tacos, ranch style beans, pinto beans, carne asada, carnitas, mole, brisket, chile relleno, chorizo burritos, green chile chicken enchiladas,guacamole salad and Spanish rice.