Kevin's TexJoy Asparagus

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TexJoy Asparagus

Great for a side dish with Steak and potatoes!

1 lb. Long-Stemmed Asparagus
Extra Virgin Olive Oil
TexJoy Steak Seasoning
Hot Grill & aluminum foil

On your grill - in between your steaks - place aluminum foil shiny side down
Prepare 1 lb of long-stemmed asparagus, trim off 1" of the bottom of each stalk
Crimp edges of aluminum foil up and spread Extra Virgin Olive Oil all over the foil
After the olive oil is very warm, sprinkle TexJoy all over the olive oil, stir to mix
Place the asparagus in the TexJoy Olive Oil
Turn over occasionally to get it completely done. Remove before Asparagus browns.

Serve with Steak and Baked Potato, and watch your kids' eyes light up!

Kevin Williams
Mt. Carmel, IL pork chops

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