Uncle Henry's Featured in Texas Monthly 

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Have you seen the latest article on cracklins? Yep, you read that right! It's not often to find a premier magazine featuring a story about the Cajun favorite, cracklins, so when we saw this we about flipped our lovely yellow lids! Uncle Henry's Tamales is so much more than just terrific tamales, and the new issue of Texas Monthly Magazine tells us exactly that.

This article shares some insight to Uncle Henry's famous cracklins and beef links—a unique, regional style of link. Uncle Henry's has been loud and proud about using our TexJoy seasonings and spices in their recipes. We are grateful that they showcase our name and share the love, but we are particularly pleased that they are getting such awesome, deserved attention for their work.

Be sure to try something savory and spicy from Uncle Henry's soon and click here to read the article and learn more.

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