Texas BBQ Roots in Beaumont - Texas Monthly

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There's some mighty fine BBQ in the south, but Texas BBQ is unlike any other. A new Texas Monthly article supports this claim with some delicious details and fascinating insight into its history. Tradition is a big part of a  slow-cooked brisket, a family cookout, and a memorable bite of Texas barbecue. (We think this sounds a lot like the Texas Coffee Company where we make TexJoy seasonings and spices!) This interesting article has a list of 50 years worth of BBQ in Texas, and we are proud that our friends of Patillo's in Beaumont are recognized. Patillo's dates back to 1912, while TexJoy dates back to 1921. We're proud to be a staple in Patillo's famous barbecue for generations. Check out this article and see where Patillo's is part of Texas Treasures and BBQ history.
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