Something New with Our Old Fashion Sausage Seasoning

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The Texas Coffee Company, manufacturers of TexJoy seasonings, is pleased to announce the all new TexJoy Old Fashion Country Style Smoked Sausage, now available in Market Basket grocery stores in Texas.

The sausage links mark TexJoy’s first food product line outside of seasonings, spices and coffee (Seaport Coffee). It is a joint effort from TexJoy and Zummo Meat Co., makers of sausages, boudain, and other pork products. The two companies are still both family-owned in Beaumont for generations (Texas Coffee Co. since 1921; Zummo’s Meat Co. since 1908), and their products are sold throughout Southeast Texas and beyond.

Frank Zummo, Zummo Co. president, and Joseph Fertitta, Vice President of Texas Coffee Co., first discussed the idea to a small degree some months back, but Zummo had bigger plans for the venture. “We thought Zummo’s might use our Old Fashion Sausage Seasoning as part of a recipe for their sausage, but next thing you know we’re tasting samples of a whole new product with the TexJoy label,” says Fertitta. “That’s a testament to the Zummo Company’s foresight as well as their quality products and service.”

The TexJoy Old Fashion Country Style Smoked Sausage link is made with TexJoy’s Old Fashion Sausage Seasoning. The sausage can be fried, boiled, or baked, but the label makes a strong case for cooking on the grill. Market Basket grocery stores in Texas are the first to carry the product starting this month, and TexJoy and Zummo hope to expand into more stores and more locations outside of Southeast Texas in the near future. Zummo’s will be distributing the links in the stores, but they also make the links available by phone/mail order at 409-842-1810. Visit for more on TexJoy seasonings and coffee. Visit for more on Zummo sausage links, party time links, boudain and the all new TexJoy Old Fashion Country Style Sausage. Call 409-842-1810 for mail order.

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