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We were so excited about 2012, we flipped our lids. Figuratively and literally. Our traditional jars of steak seasoning, cajun seasoning, barbecue seasoning, nutmeg, parsley flakes, allspice, onion powder, garlic powder and all of our fine seasonings and spices have a bright new look now that we have updated our white lids to a glorious, sunny yellow.

It's the same great flavors you've cooked with, stirred in, rubbed on, marinated with, and shook on your dinners - just a new hat. We are starting to put these out in spice aisles this month. So look for a little brighter glow in between the shelves of sugar and racks of vegetable oil (or whatever else is by the spices!) and bask in the warming, shining splendor of Texjoy - now yellow from head to toe!

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