GREATful for Thanksgiving Dishes

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Thanksgiving is almost here! Nobody is more thankful for family, friends, and flavor than us at the Texas Coffee Company.

As we near our 100th anniversary, we are counting our blessings and this time of year makes it all the more special. Plus - nobody loves gathering in the kitchen and gobbling up amazing meals more than we do, so we are sharing a list of our top 5 recipe ideas for Thanksgiving 2020.

These dishes are a mix of savory and sweet dishes that our staff, family, and friends admire. Check these out below and let us know your favorites to feast upon. And have a safe, happy, holly, jolly Thanksgiving... 

DJ's Boudain Cornbread Dressing
This side dish could be a main dish all by itself. It's wildly popular and has tons of shares on Facebook because folks find it fantastic. It's Cajun boudin, it's cornbread, it's Thanksgiving AND it uses TexJoy seasoning!

With this dish, there's no need for Tupperware or boxes or bags because there will be NO LEFTOVERS!  Check it out (along with lots of great DJ's Boudain recipes) here in this easy to make recipe:

2. Candied Yams

Cooking With Caroline
is a popular YouTube recipe account for good, savory and sweet meals. The one that hooked us is this candied yams recipe and you'll see why in a mere 2 minute easy-to-follow recipe video. Loaded with spices, brown sugar, butter, honey, nutmeg, and all sorts of goodness for a serious soul food masterpiece.

Check it out here (Try using TexJoy vanilla and TexJoy nutmeg!) -

3. Crock-Pot Red Beans + Rice

A creamy, buttery side dish is always a favorite for any family meal. This is serious.

If red beans and rice weren't sacred enough in the American South, just add the outstanding element of a CROCK POT and you'll be singing at the dinner table! This recipe from Coop Can Cook on YouTube is an easy to follow, step by step instruction of how to make this red beans and rice dish from the ease and convenience of a crock-pot in no time. Check it out here and enjoy -

4. Louisiana Pralines

Anyone who likes a good, authentic family-style praline will be a kid in a candy story with this recipe. For a genuine, homemade, sugary sweet Louisiana Praline, check out this video recipe from T-Roy Cooks' YouTube page. He knows how make this simple recipe sensational. We are sure fans!

Try it out and make some for your Thanksgiving dessert spread -

5. Easy Appetizer - Texas Trash
The problem with so many meals cooking for Thanksgiving is the time. The swirling aromas of turkey, cornbread, casseroles, pumpkin all takes precious time. Patience is a virtue, but appetites are ferocious. One way to tame the wild beast is an awesome appetizer to graze on until the festivities begin.

Southeast Texas has a legendary app called Texas Trash - a mix of nuts, Chex mix, Cheerios, and pretzel sticks seasoned with spicy goodness. This means TexJoy! This recipe shows a simple, easy-to-follow recipe for making the favorite app of the Texas Gulf Coast. Try TexJoy's Texas Trash and enjoy!

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