Brand New Bag - Seaport's All New "Fresh Valve Pack"

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Seaport Coffee, the family-owned coffee brand from the Texas Coffee Company, is pleased to announce a new package soon to hit store shelves across Southeast Texas, East Texas, the Greater Houston area, and Southwest Louisiana. The new coffee bag is Seaport's "Fresh Valve Pack," sealed with a small valve on the front of the package to eliminate excess air and to lock in freshness. This valve pack allows for a more modern, slimmer looking bag on the shelf, but more importantly it allows for Seaport's coffee to be fresh-roasted, ground and packed daily, ensuring an extra quality of freshness for every bag.

Joseph Fertitta, Vice President of the Texas Coffee Company, is proud of the new coffee package and is optimistic about the consumer response. "We [Seaport] have always taken great pride in providing the freshest coffee possible. We were the first company in America to do the vacuum-packed foil bags like we use currently, the coffee 'bricks' as we refer to them...and this is a way to roast it, grind it and pack it the same day - making it even fresher."

Carlo Busceme, Texas Coffee Co. President, says that the new valve pack makes for a new, exciting and more modern look than before, but assures that the coffee inside is not changing. "The 100% Arabica coffee is still the same. All of our Seaport roasts are the same, just the new packaging makes it that much fresher. The valve pack even gives you more of that aroma, right there at the store shelf."

The fresh valve packs will be out soon, starting in the Beaumont area stores and expanding outward. The roasts include the Founder's Choice mild roast, dark roast, medium roast and between roast, as well as decaffeinated.

| ABOUT SEAPORT: Family-owned since 1921, The Texas Coffee Company continues to manufacturer Seaport Coffee and TexJoy seasonings and spices from Beaumont, Texas. In 1968, Texas Coffee Company became the first coffee company in the United States to begin packaging coffee in vacuum-packed foil bags. Seaport is 100% Pure Arabica Coffee and is sold in retail stores throughout Southeast Texas, Southwest Louisiana and beyond. Visit and | CONTACT: For more information, please contact Carlo Busceme via email at Or contact Carlo or Joseph Fertitta by phone at 1-800-259-3400.

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