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7 Steak Spice - 12oz
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    Try shaking on as you're baking or grilling or broiling. Use in place of salt and pepper or with barbeque sauce to boost the flavor even more.Saltgrass Seven by TexJoy is a perfect combination of smokey, rich and spicy. If you haven't tried pork ribs with Saltgrass 7, you're in for a treat. Easy to cook and easy on the taste buds. Enjoy!

    7 Steak Spice - 4.5oz
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      In a small jar of 4 and a half ounces, you'll get a Texas-sized flavor. The Saltgrass Seven Steak Spice has thick morsels and a smoky flavor that you're sure to love. Fit for that steakhouse taste, this seasoning blend is designed to bring out the best in beef steaks, but it's also mighty powerful on pork chops, brisket, ribs, link sausage, and meaty meals. Shake on in place of salt and pepper or pack in prior to cooking.As many chefs recommend, try rubbing one side of your steak with salt...