Steak Shake - 4.5 oz (Out of Stock)

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    For a smoky, Southern taste in steaks, there's nothing like our TexJoy Texas Steak Shake. This is our 4 and a half size jar to fit perfectly in the palm of your hand as a tool —nay, as a weapon of flavor for steaks of all sizes! Superfluous savory flavor is packed in each thick, robust granule - making it ideal for thicker cuts of meat. Steak Seasoning from TexJoy is classic, but this Steak Shake is made for those extra thick cuts of steak, chops, lamb and pork tenderloin...and of course, that Texas taste.

    It's the steak seasoning spice rub made for steaks, but surprisingly extraordinary on pork chops. Grill 'em, bake 'em or whatever you like, but we recommend a pure approach to see just what this seasoning is made of: 
    • thick cut boneless pork chop(s), marinade in approx. 2 -3 tablespoons of olive oil
    • season liberally with TexJoy's Texas Steak Shake on both sides; add a dash of salt and fine Italian parsley
    • let sit for 30 minutes or more
    • Broil high for 22 minutes
    • Enjoy the heat, the fire, the robust and powerful flavor
    In a 4.5 oz.jar full of deliciousness in every thick-cut morsel, this Texas Steak Shake is a friend to anyone of flavor. Cook with and prep ribeyes, T-bones, Porterhouses, filet mignon or lamb — or sprinkle on burgers, steaks, pork chops and links for a smoky, Texas flavor in place of mere salt and pepper. Gives grilled meats the look and taste of the finest steakhouses in Texas. From Austin to Dallas to Houston to El Paso to Beaumont and Port Arthur, Texas - nothing can compare with this savory spice rub for thick cuts of beef, chicken, or chops. For meaty sausages and fajitas, you'll be pleasantly surprised at how versatile this little 4.5 ounce jar really is!