TexJoy's Super FANtastic Bowl Contest - Share the Flavor and Win

Be a POSTer on facebook. Win a Poster from TexJoy.
Something new and spicy for celebrating the big national event of watching football, watching commercials and chowing down on delicious grub. Our TexJoy's Super FANtastic Bowl 2013 contest is a fun social scene thing for Sunday. It's simple - surely you are watching the game at home, at the bar, at the party or wherever and you're likely enjoying some awesome foods. If you're using TexJoy, we wanna see it! Simply share our post or post your own pictures of your TexJoy-accentuated foods to Facebook to SHARE the love of flavor. Get creative with it and post as often as you like during the pre-game, the game, halftime, and even post-game...all the way up until Midnight (central time). Then over the course of the next week or so our TexJoy crew will review the posts and vote on which ones we like the best. The winner will receive something very unique - a limited print of a vintage style TexJoy poster signed by Texas artist and unabashed TexJoy fan, Lance LaRue. This poster is perfect for any man cave or patio grill area where TexJoy supplies are nearby. Along with the poster, you'll get a free jar of the artist's personal favorite TexJoy spice - Cajun Seasoning. And on top of this, the winner will also receive a TexJoy family Chili Recipe signed by the TexJoy family, and who knows - maybe a couple of other surprises! See here for more detail.